Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, Folks,

time to introduce the first of my mates... it's Ta-dahhhh! A fanfare, please! OBot!

Read in the following what Steve is saying about him...Seems OBot was born in Ilmenau, Germany on April 21, 2009...During the process of being born, he remembers some music...Electronic sounds making beautiful melodies...He realized then that music was his first love....This made him want to search out the origins of this music called "Techno"..A world traveler, he journeyed to France, decided that the French music just wasn't his style, so he jumped on a plane to the US...Finding a home with the older guy he snuck onto the plane with, OBot found a strange collection of musical strains he had never heard of, so he decided to stick around for awhile even though he missed his original Techno music...OBot has found that there is more than one way to make electronic sounds and has taken to using older types of musical platforms to discover his musical talent.. See the latest spyshots I got of him this evening... [Pic, Pic] He keeps trying to take my vinyl and turn it into mp3's!!! While I greatly appreciate the help, I'm not sure I like him spinning them in reverse... [Pic]

Maybe one day soon, he'll journey back to his homeland and see his cousin QBot!!

In the meantime, he'll keep seeing what kind of interesting things "the old dude" has around the house for him to get into...

So far Steve's introduction of OBot. I'm sure you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for further mates such as NinQBo und PF-Bot...


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