Saturday, June 20, 2009

QBot and Darwin's Law


it's probably time to tell you something about QBot's History. Unfortunately the Date where I, as an individual, was born is lost. So I have to adopt a more general date as my official b-day, namely the day when the QBot's as such have been created. This is March 9, 2008! See the right pic to have a look at 'me' right after the nativity!

But, and this is the point where we touch Darwin's Law of Evolution, our history starts even earlier. There was someone named Mr. Ironhead, who is our ancestor. Yes, Mr. Ironhead was pretty animal and rough but it's the same story about your (speaking about you, Humans) ancestors! So don't backbite me about Mr. Ironhead! You (Humans) should be careful anyway, as we (the Bots) are the Future, no doubt about that!

Stay tuned, Folks. I will come back with some Photo Stories as well as some Mates of mine.



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